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girlin_bloom's Journal

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Wendla Gabor (née Bergmann)
10 February
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Wendla Bergmann, of Spring Awakening, age 16. Very much alive.

(Spoiler alert for the show) Contrary to what many might believe, Wendla did not die after her alleged botched abortion. In fact and unfortunately, the abortion was successful. With Melchior Gabor (sucha_radical), Wendla decided to run away from this place, to finally be free. The year is now 1894. They still must face trials and tribulations as they break society traditions.

Finally married now, Wendla and Melchior settle into their new lives. Wendla is currently trying to find a way for Melchior to continue education while providing for the family. She also hopes for children someday soon.

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Something beautiful, a new chance

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